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The Bridgewater Inn

Home when you're away from yours

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Mount Carroll's Historic Hotel

At the Bridgewater Inn we have worked hard recreating that 1886 feel and ambiance. A place filled with memories of a simpler time. A feeling of quiet solace where you can reconnect and recharge while enjoying the simpler things in life. No TV's, treadmills, or convention goers to break up the serene accommodations you will find here at the Bridgewater Inn.

Conserving The Past

Construction began somewhere around 1872 opening for business in 1886. The original doors built by artisans hands still opening and closing for our guests today. Experience a small piece of history and reminisce about a time gone by.

The pine floors remain as they did when first laid back in the 1800's! Although updates have been made to accommodate travelers in the 21st Century. Our rooms with private bath are available and accommodate 4 people